This page will present open-access studies about relevant aspects of the Gaffurius Codices:

Reopening Gaffurius’s Libroni, ed. Agnese Pavanello (Lucca: LIM, forthcoming in 2021).

Agnese Pavanello

The Making and the Dating of the Gaffurius Codices: Archival Evidence and Research Perspectives
Daniele V. Filippi

‘Scripsi et notavi’: Scribes, Notators, and Calligraphers in the Workshop of the Gaffurius Codices
Martina Pantarotto  

Gaffurius’s Paratexts: Notes on the Indexes of Libroni 1–3
Daniele V. Filippi  

Gaffurius at the Mirror: The Internal Concordances of the Libroni
Cristina Cassia  

The Non-Milanese Repertory of the Libroni: A Potential Guide for Tracking Musical Exchanges
Agnese Pavanello