Restoration of Librone 1 (2019)

A restoration carried out in July-October 2019 determined some changes in the material aspect of Librone 1. Pending a fuller report, the following list sums up the main differences between the current state of the manuscript and its description as offered elsewhere in the portal and based on its pre-restoration state. The pictures in the viewer below document the new appearance of the affected elements.

  • The neomedieval cover and binding of the 1950s have been entirely redone.
  • The pastedowns and flyleaves have been substituted.
  • The early modern parchment pastedowns with index and ownership note, formerly detached, are now inserted in paper folders after the front flyleaves (index) and before the back flyleaves (ownership note), respectively. In November 2020 they have been assigned the foliation A, B, C, and D.
  • A movable leaf of acid-free tissue paper has been added to the illumination on f.  2va.
  • The slice of paper formerly inserted between ff. 8v and 9r has been now sewn at the bottom of f. 9v, based also on the original pinholes.
  • Mini-patches have been applied on certain pages, where the ink was corroding the paper in correspondence of black noteheads.
  • All pages have been cleaned.
  • The gatherings have been reconstructed based on PANTAROTTO 2019 and the reinforcing strips have been substituted.